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SWORD Wood D-17: Classic “Hamaguri” blade edge.


The blade tips of the D-17  comes to a narrow tip, are thin, and can be used as a precision shear at “5.7in.


SWORD Wood D-19:  “Kengata” blade edge (heavy blade design)


Featuring a three-layer sandwich structure, placing forged steel within an organic wooden outer layer, the cutting experience of these shears retain a sense of softness in their handling. The SWORD Wood is made through 32 step creation and quality control process by a single master craftsman, and the wood handles age and form to your hand with time.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Semi-flat screw
  • High performance carbon resin bearing


*Lefty available upon customization


Building Material

Cobalt Alloy Extramarise ll


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